Value-Added Summary

Private Capital Solutions

With the substantial growth of the private capital solutions market, this focus allows us to assist our clients in accessing a crucial source of capital for small to mid-sized companies. We work diligently to understand the needs of our clients and, in combination with our deep relationships with potential investors, strive to identify the appropriate capital partner and optimal capital solution.

Experienced Team

ERGCP’s four principal partners all have more than 25 years experience in the financial and capital markets. We recognize that each of our clients’ needs is different . Our backgrounds in the various sectors of the capital markets allow us to efficiently identify the right solution for our clients and to deliver on that solution.

Targeted Sales Process

Our experienced sales people know the investors’ parameters and requirements leading to a focused sales process. We endeavor to identify the appropriate investors and to customize solutions quickly and efficiently.

Generalist Market Coverage

ERGCP’s principals have executed transaction across many different industry sectors and can bring structuring ideas across markets. For example, some of the securitization ideas developed in structured credit markets may be applicable to companies dealing with receivables as part of their core business. The understanding of the ability to secure financial assets may lead to a better financing structure and reduced costs for a non-financial issuer.

Competitive Fee Structure

Due to its efficient structure and the relationship with Eden Rock Group, ERGCP can offer economic fee structures for issuers. The merchant bank structure also allows for flexible structures with regards to performance fees, co-investments and equity incentives. All client interaction is directly with the principal partners allowing productive alignment of interests of ERGCP and the issuer.



The below is a sampling of transactions that the principal partners currently have mandates for or recently successfully placed and structured.

Uni-tranche Debt and Equity 
Financing ($55 M)

Placed structured financing that included uni-tranche debt transaction and equity with a European family to finance expansion of an aquaculture business in the US.

Uni-tranche Debt ($145 M)

Raised uni-tranche debt financing for the construction of a large sale manufacturing facility in the Gulf Coast. Investors include several larges credit funds and one majority purchaser.

Senior Debt ($75 M)

Secured term sheets for the financing of a conventional oil and gas drilling program in the Gulf Coast. Company decided not to proceed with financing at the time given the volatility in the commodity markets.

Mezzanine Debt ($10 M)

Raising mezzanine debt in partnership with senior debt for expansion of a Canadian consumer finance receivables portfolio. Issuer is originator as well as servicer of the portfolio.

Senior Debt ($45 M)

Mandate for the placement of senior debt for the acquisition of a Canadian retail finance service business. Working with ownership on structure and securing equity commitments.

Series A Equity ($7 M)

Eden Rock led the investment round for an advanced heater technology company that is a spinout from Shell PLC.  Investors include a variety of parties with deep ties to the energy sector and cable manufacturing technology.